200 people a total of 700 m2

We give you 7 extremely artistic and elegant Palace Halls with a total area of 700 m². Each of the Halls in the Palace is unique and delights with an unparalleled charm. The variety of Halls as well as their number creates the opportunity for countless alternatives for the creation and organization of any wedding reception.

At the Bellotto Hotel you may organize the ceremony of signing the Marriage Certificate, in the presence of the Head of the Registry Office. Afterwards, we will prepare an exquisite reception and create an atmosphere suitable for a wedding celebration.




available configurations

Column Hall also known as the Ballroom is the largest and most representative hall of the Palace. With elaborate decorations, romantic fireplace, decorative chandelier, grand, soaring columns and bright vanilla colours, the hall is extremely refined and elegant.

The hall’s cubic capacity allows to seat 60-80 people with a band.  Bride and Groom table is located in the central part of the Hall under the fireplace or under the windows, and large 10-12-person round tables, where guests sit, are spread at a comfortable distance from the Bride and Groom table. Round tables provide a great convenience for conversation and create an elegant atmosphere of reception.

Additional architectural lighting of stately columns emphasizes the values of the Column Hall and gives it a unique charm, creating a charming atmosphere of the wedding.

Weddings organized in a splendid and beautifully decorated Column Hall are recognized as very successful and for long remain in the memory of guests.

Column Hall is air-conditioned.

During the wedding reception Marble Hall serves as a dance floor, while the Column Hall is entirely dedicated to the organization of the catering part. Both rooms are connected by a large door, which at the time the event remain open. This solution is extremely comfortable for the wedding guests, because it allows among other things, to maintain a relaxed conversation while continuous active participation in the event.

In the Column Hall round table are arranged, at which sit the guests. The shape of the table gives the party a very classic and elegant character. In the central part of the hall, there is a rectangular Bride and Groom table . Everything is complemented by an additional architectural illumination of columns and fireplaces in the Column Hall and walls and window bays in the Marble Hall. Architectural lighting is very impressive and highlights the classic look of the palace interior.

Marble Hall is located in the immediate vicinity of the Column Hall. This is one of the most beautiful and most unusual Halls in the Hotel Bellotto. What proves to be particularly pleasing to the eye are colours, decorative ceiling, brass chandeliers and grand windows overlooking the large garden.

Five halls located on the ground floor of the Hotel Bellotto create endless possibilities of arranging custom wedding reception.

For a large reception, all of the halls can be used, and each of them will delight with unique charm and peculiar qualities. Besides the above-described Column and Marble Halls we offer you: Yellow, Blue and Raspberry Halls.

Yellow, Blue and Raspberry Halls delight with beautiful stucco and stunning views of the large garden. An additional advantage of the Blue Hall is door to the garden.

All rooms are connected by a large doors through which you can freely arrange a palatial space. This solution allows to organize a wedding in a custom way. The role of the Ballroom Hall can be adapted by a representative Column Hall, the other halls may be arranged to serve as a sitting areas. The elegance of the wedding party is supplemented by large round tables, stylish tablecloths, and sophisticated dishes.

Depending on the preferences of the bride and groom each Hall serving as a seating part of the reception can be arranged in a different way, which certainly will be an attractive solution for your guests. In the case of more conventional reception , the halls can be arranged so as to form an aesthetic coherent whole. A spectacular idea will be to highlight the walls and architectural details in each of  the Halls and to put a large monitor with a view for the Column Hall. The latter addition will cause each guest, regardless of where the Hall is located, to feel comfortable and convenient.

We hope that our proposed division of Halls will serve you as a valuable tip and will facilitate the planning of the wedding.

We would like to encourage you to trust the organization of your wedding reception in our hands. A team of professionals will make every effort for it to be successful and to fulfil all your expectations

At your special request, the organization team for the wedding can take care of additional details related to the organization of this unusual event.

Example of arrangement

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