Mornings at the Bellotto Hotel are flavorful and they taste great. Everyday we serve breakfast prepared from the highest quality products. A lot of ingredients we prepare on site, e.g. fresh, fragrant bread, while other come from our trusted suppliers.

Our guests can choose from three breakfast sets: Continental, Vegetarian and Bellotto Breakfast. Additionally we offer a selection of hot dishes à la carte. All the breakfast menu positions are available with no limits.

You can have scrambled eggs made from organic eggs obtained from Green-legged Partridges, with fragrant truffle-scented olive oil, with crunchy bacon, chives, and tomato. We serve French toasts with maple syrup and vanilla, and the oatmeal with milk enriched with fruit, nuts, and honey.

For the lovers of granola with yoghurt, we offer three types to choose from - fruit, nut or coffee-flavoured. In addition you can have a delicious coffee, tea and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Our breakfasts are flavorful and they taste great: we do our best to satisfy the palate even of the most demanding Guests!